Suzy + Andre

Suzy & AndreAndre Croucamp has been a very special friend and mentor for many years. He has an amazing, energy and a love of women and comes from a world of glamour, couture creativity and madness. At the end of last year I joke that Andre felt he had had enough of woman and clothing and closed up shop after 35 years, however he just could not stay away from the creativity and fun and so he comes to play with me in my factory every day.

This has been an unbelievable privilege to have such a master to learn and “play” with. His handwriting can noticeably be seen in my latest collections and his attention to detailing has definitely improved the quality of our work. His generosity of spirit is amazing and I thank him for all that he adds to my life!

Most of all we have tons of fun and I laugh like I have never laughed before! When the two of us are in a room there is an electricity, a vibe and a magic which everyone wants to be a part of…..keep a watch out for what we get up to on a daily basis:
We are working on an exciting new collaboration which will be launched at our November Christmas open day…so watch this space.